Ground Breaking Ceremony of PT. M & N Indonesia Factory (Phase 1)

25 May 2022, Wed

Press Release  |  25 May 2022 

The start of an exciting milestone for M & N Flavour Group, the Ground Breaking of PT. M & N Indonesia Factory (Phase 1). Total of 120.000 square foot of land located in Millenium Industrial Estate, Tigaraksa - Tangerang and a new 21,000 square foot facility will be a major expansion for our current logistic facilities that allows to store a total storage capacity of 1,280,000 Kilogram (Kg), or 80 containers of 20" feet container worth of raw materials.

The symbolic ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction was attended by, from left, Mr. Hendra (Director of PT. Setia Pratama Konindo, Main contractor of this project), Rev. Erwin Sutanto (Pastor of Gereja Kristus Yesus Pluit), Mr. Muljadi Tamin (Founder & President Director of M & N Flavour Group), Mdm. Lieni Gozali (President Commissioner of M & N Flavour Group), Mr. Wherry Tamin (Vice President Director of M & N Flavour Group) and Mr. Gary Tamin (Vice President Director of M & N Flavour Group). 

With the market of the food & beverage industries growing steadily year on year, M & N Flavour Group has planned its future by equipping PT. M & N Indonesia's logistic facilities in advance, in preparation for the great demand for food flavourings and not forgotten the future phases of the factory. On the other hand, by the time PT. M & N Indonesia's factory has completed all the phases, it will create around 100 new workforce, tripled the amount of workers in the current PT. M & N Indonesia's factory.

In the speech of Mr. Muljadi Tamin: "Today we are gathered here to show that God's grace has given PT. M & N Indonesia the opportunity to develop our business, so that it can be a blessing to many people and we humbly admit that this is all a gift from God. Thinking back 45 years ago, at the beginning of this business, my wife and I, Mdm. Lieni, we both worked together in a small house located in North Petojo, Jakarta. I am very grateful to my wife, for being patient and never complaining and still supporting this effort, no matter how difficult we have been in the past. Today PT. M & N Indonesia was fortunate and given the necessary place for the future development of our business. I believe that with the new competition, there is progress. My hope is that the next generation will dare to face all future challenges with the principles of honesty and perseverance, as the company has so far to develop and expand a business that is more than 40 years old. Finally, thanks to the Millenium Industrial Estate given us the strategy position and also hope to the main contractor will completed this construction project in the timeframe. Above all, the health and safety of workers must be prioritized. Thank you". 

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