Our Solutions

With our vast experience in the flavour market,
M & N FLAVOUR offers a range of bespoke services to cater to food industries, ranging from food, beverage, baked goods, confectionery, dairy, snacks, tobacco all the way to pharmaceutical and personal care/home care products.

Express Brand Uniqueness
With Bespoke Flavour

The freedom of being able to transform your own ideas into reality,
and stands out from the competitive market.

We Are Capable In Providing:

  • Bespoke flavour creation
  • Rapid flavour adjustment
  • In depth Flavour analysis by GC/MS
  • Product development & formulation
  • Taste modifications
  • Sensory testing
  • Cost optimization (formulation & technology)

Freedom of Innovation

We understand that flavour is the single most important element in your product development, however we provide no boundaries for our customers in providing the freedom of innovation with the below:

  • NO contracts, and NO minimum order quantity required.
  • Strict Ethics of Confidentiality to all our customers' projects.
  • Strict Quality Standards with Halal & ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
  • Freedom of choosing Flavour Categories1 to work with.
  • Freedom of choosing Flavouring Solvents2 to blend with.
  • Freedom of choosing the Concentration/Fold of flavours.
  • Freedom of choosing the desired Flavour Delivery System3
  • Low minumum order4 for trial and subsequent orders.
  • Quick turn-around time5 for production.
  • Self-source & importing Only The Best Quality Ingredients from reliable manufacturers around the world.
  • Competitive price with matching international quality standards.
  • Complimentary samples for trial productions.
  • Rapid Formula Adjustments and Adaptation as designated our own formulation.
  • Buffer Inventory: We commit to support our clients with up to 6 months of buffer supply.
1. Flavour Categories: Natural, Nature Identical or Artificial flavouring categories. 2. Flavour Solvents: Propylene Glycol USP, Glycerol Triacetate USP, Ethanol (95% Food Grade) and etc. 3. Flavour Delivery System: Choices includes Liquid, Liquid Paste, Powder, Emulsion. 4. Low minimum orders: First trial order for liquid flavourings 1 x 25 kg, subsequent order 2 x 25 kg. 5. Quick turn-around time (*Regular order): 5 (five) working days, applies only in Jakarta city..

Let’s develop something unique & exciting together!

Our flavourist along with flavour creation and application teams are ready to develop winning flavours for you.

Share your ideas with us now!
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