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M & N FLAVOUR is a family owned and managed flavouring company since 1977, who pride and dedicate in designing and creating innovative high quality flavours to our customers.



By Mr. Muljadi T.



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Our Vision

“ To be the leading Asia Pacific’s essential & trusted partner in providing continual support for solutions and innovative flavour creations. ”



Designing flavour to meet Customer’s requests.


Creating the utmost quality flavourings.


Developing support and collaborations with customers.

Our Story Timeline

  • 1977

    Founded by Mr. Muljadi Tamin, a Pharmaceutical graduate who steered his career from pharmacy to food ingredients, where he challenged himself in building his own business empire who started from supplying liquid flavourings to retail shops and industries producing ice lollies, soft drinks, syrups/cordials and many more.

  • 1978

    Mr. Muljadi along with his wife, started their business renting a small warehouse in Central Jakarta - Indonesia, where they worked immensely hard and since then, the business has gained trust from many customers. Equipped with a chemical knowledge, Mr. Muljadi ventured in designing and creating his own proprietory flavourings and brand it as “KK” and “Nona Manis” for retail. The flavouring products began to be widely accepted by the food & beverage home industries.

  • 1995

    With almost two decades of commitment in the business, in 1995 Mr. Muljadi re-branded the company to a dedicated flavour house/ manufacturer as M & N FLAVOUR (Marvellous & Natural Flavour) supplying into the F&B industry. M & N FLAVOUR continues to expand in the market of Indonesia and the regional market ie. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and etc. With the demand of flavourings in the export market, Mr. Muljadi decided to move the corporate headquarter to Singapore.

  • 1996

    In order to serve the Halal Industry around the South East Asia region, we have obtained our first Halal Certificate that was certified by Indonesia Majelis Ulama Authority (MUI).

  • 2007

    M & N FLAVOUR relocated their factory to Daan Mogot and since then has been one of the leading flavour manufacturers in Indonesia that has the capability to design and create flavours from scratch. We continue to provide creative and innovative solutions for our customers in crafting successful products for the ever demanding market. Coupled with fast delivery and catering for the growing market, we currently have over 2000 flavouring formulations and counting, as well our production facility has the capability of producing up to 150 tonnes per month.

    NONA MANIS has as well continued to grow its market size, and widely accepted around the region where it has been exporting constantly to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

  • 2019

    M & N FLAVOUR is committed to provide high quality flavours, with this in mind we have upgraded our quality management system, and certified with ISO 9001:2015.

  • 2020

    Set up a Flavour Analytical Lab and invested in state-of-the art GC/MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer) machine from Agilent USA.


  Our Founder's Quote

但是放弃就是失败 ! ”

“Hard work may not necessarily succeed, but giving up is failure!”

“Berusaha belum tentu sukses, tetapi menyerah adalah kegagalan!”

      Mr. Muljadi Tamin
      Founder & President Director
      M & N Flavour Group

Our Family

In M & N FLAVOUR, our employees are our family and our assets. It is the passion, dedication, hard work and creativity of our employees that enables us to continue to deliver quality products and exceptional services to our customers’.

We constantly strive to provide an equal growth opportunity, creating an environment in which our employees can experience job satisfaction and continuing professional development, in an environment whereby they can excel and reach their full potential.

For more information regarding our job openings, please Contact Us.

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