New Flavours for 2nd Quarter 2007! Posted : 6/28/2007

Dear Customers,

In the first and second quarter of 2007, our R&D have successfully launched new flavours. (The specification of the products will not be updated yet.)

The new flavours:

- Es Teler (A local Indonesia dessert which consists slurry mixture of coconut, jackfruit, avocado. This flavour starts with a coconut water aroma in combination of the jackfruit and avocado. <*Recommended applications: RTD Drinks, jellies, syrups and cream filling>) 

- Mixed Currant (Has a characteristic of Grape Concord with the combination of Blackcurrant ripe. <*Recommended applications: RTD Drinks, jellies, candies, cookies and cream filling>)

- Lychee Berry (A new fruity combination. The concept of this flavour starts with Lychee and ends with the Blueberry note. <*Recommended applications: RTD Drinks, jellies and candies>)

- Vanilla Milk (This is a very delicate and cliche combination. However, we stands out the Vanilla note and using the milk to smoothen the last note. For this particular flavour, we have 2 types: 'more Vanilla' or 'more Milky' for the industries to choose from. <*Recommended applications: Chocolate, RTD Milk added drinks, cream filling, jellies, ice-cream and biscuits/cookies>)

- Chocolate Mocca (Another unusual flavour combination. The difference in our Chocolate Mocca is that, we sweetened the last note with Vanilla. <*Recommended applications: Chocolate, Jellies, Ice-cream, RTD Coffee/Cocoa drinks and cream filling>)

- Green Strawberry (Has a characteristic of fresh unripe strawberry. We sweetened the aroma with a touch of ripe strawberry. <*Recommended applications: Cream filling, jellies, mixed with Strawberry Ice-cream>)

- Apple Type Nu (Has a characteristic of biting the fresh 'meat' of ripe red apple. <*Recommended applications: RTD Drinks - addition of apple juice is strongly recommended, jellies>) 

Will be updated more later after the finalisation from the Flavour Application Department.

* The recommended applications are just a reference from us, more varieties of food and beverage can be applied with the above mentioned flavour.


With best wishes,

PT. M & N Indonesia  

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